2021 Sanity Shack

2021 Sanity Shack

June 12 – Well, another Sanity Shack plant sale has come and gone. Thank you to everyone who came over last weekend and adopted my starts. I love having friends stop by, catch up and talk about plants and planting. And today was a brilliant end to the sale. I took the remaining babies to the home of my yoga teacher, Todd Jackson. He invited his yoga students to stop by for Free Plants. About a dozen folks showed up IN THE FLESH! What an amazing coming out to be with fellow yogis we’ve only seen via Zoom for over a year! Outside, vaccinated, masks on or off and a few hugs as well. AND, after that splendid event, I donated the rest to Morrison Child and Family Services for their work with children… Now it’s time to get those plants in the ground! PHOTOS AT TODD’S HOUSE have been added to the gallery.

June 4 – SANITY SHACK SALE STARTS TOMORROW! 9:00 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday. There are order forms, plant descriptions, LOOK, PICK, PAY, PACK instructions, as well as labeling supplies in the greenhouse. You do not need to send your order in ahead of time unless you want me to fill your order and hold it for you. I’ll be here to help explain and orient you. A few more photos taken yesterday have been added to the gallery below.

May 29 – The Sale will happen starting next weekend, June 5th. New photos have been added to the gallery. Here’s the order form.https://saragrigsby.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Plant-Sales-Order-Form-2021.pdf
Because this year’s plants are so small and the sale so late, I have reduced prices. See the Order Form for details. I am MOST interested in finding homes for these little beauties that will in fact grow and prosper!
I’ll send out an additional email at the beginning of the Sale with any last minute information or instructions. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email me. E Ma Ho! (Oh How Beautiful!)

May 18 – The good news is, the baby plants are healthy and there will be a lot of tomato varieties (and other) to choose from. The bad news is that I haven’t been this late since 2018. I went back through past records today and for the last two years plants were for sale by May 10th and the plants were really large. Not this year. As much as I hate to say it, if you want to plant your veggie starts in the next 2-3 weeks, I advise you to look elsewhere. THERE WILL BE A SALE, and given the circumstances I’LL SELL THEM AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES OR GIVE THEM AWAY TO AVOID DISCARDING THEM.
I’ve added 4 photos to the bottom. And as promised here’s a description of the Tomato and Peppers varieties that will be available when they are available. The order form itself, with all veggie offerings will be published in a week or so.

May 5 – Hi Everyone. I have been dividing and dividing and dividing. Check out the little babies. – Need I say more…Oh yes, and the plant will be ready for sale the end of May. Happy Mother’s Day in the meantime. I will send out the list of plants for sale in the next week or so. Love, Sara

April 19 – First and foremost, I am always nervous at this greenhouse time-of-year that the plants won’t be ready “In time” (whatever that means. I mostly means in time for you)…No wait, first and foremost, what beautiful weather we are having and what glorious blooming all round. Check out the added photos…Okay, back to my nervousness. The little starts look healthy and tiny as always. They have a lot of growing ahead of them before they’ll be ready so take that into consideration. Mother’s Day is early this year, May 9th, and I am certain I’ll not be opening the sale by then. Likely it will be towards the end of May as is usual. Other photos include Jerry on his daily poop patrol and Cooper and Rocky chillin’. I hope you are all well and enjoying Springtime.

April 2 – It’s a beautiful sunny day. What more need be said…but I’ll say more. All of the 32 varieties of tomatoes have germinated. German Green and Red Pear took the longest — 2 weeks – but they were also amongst the oldest seeds so I’ll give them a break and a thank you. I’ve added a photo of the little babies in the gallery below as well as a view of the mountains in Washington.
A few of you are new to Sara’s Sanity Shack and how it works so I’ll give a brief orientation so you know what you’re getting yourself into. This is my hobby and my love AND I sell enough plant to cover my seed purchasing habit. I love meeting up with friends and neighbors in-so-doing. I grow what I plan on planting in my own garden so the selection is limited – I am NOT a nursery. I love tomatoes and peppers and generally have a wide selection and plenty of them. Other must-haves include broccoli, basil, parsley, scallions and celery. Year in and year out there may be others.
The Plant Sale usually falls around Mother’s Day (this year May 9) to mid-May and runs until I’m out of plants or people to purchase them. Before the sale, I send out an order form and for those who get the order in early, I select their plants and have them boxed and waiting for pick up. I also send out a guide for visiting entitled, Look, Pick, Pay, Pack. Last year and again this year, I’m asking everyone to adhere to the general health guidelines of masks and social distance.
As for cost and payment, 1-5 starts are $1.50 each, 6 to 11, $1.25 each and 12 or more, $1.00 each. Payment is either cash or check and there’s a money box in the greenhouse.
And by the way, if you click on the photos, they get bigger & in a Gallery View.

March 23 – About half of the tomatoes have germinated! Little baby wonders soon to take over the greenhouse and my life. Not a bad way to go!

March 20th – Planted peppers, herbs, scallions and broccoli today. Heat mat thermostat is set for 80 degrees but it hasn’t yet reached that temperature. It’s 56 degrees in the greenhouse and rainy and 48 degrees outside.

It’s March 17th and the sun is shining and yet snow drifts remain across our driveway and field from our February blizzard. And time is hazy these days. What day is it? What year is it? Should I be planting? sleeping? doing yoga?
I was feeling a bit disoriented and supposing that I was late getting into the greenhouse, Sara’s Sanity Shack, that is, so I wandered out 2 days ago and opened my journal from last year…only to discover that my first entry last year was…(drum roll please) March 15, a year ago to the date!
So I’ve swept and dusted, repaired plumbing and turned on the pump and planted 32 varieties of tomatoes…I know…don’t say anything…Actually, my strategy (excuse) this year is to use up all remaining older seeds and I did. I love tomatoes.
Oh, and I spotted my little resident mouse slipping out the door jamb and reminding me of his exploits last year, eating baby pepper plants and resting in the flats….Here we go again! Thank goodness for this greenhouse and Spring and dirt in my hands. AND I love the company of family — Junior the kitty and Cooper, our new hound.