Healthy Systems is an aspiration. It’s a vision and mission and goal of life in all its dimensions. The name, Healthy Systems, has been a tie that binds all the aspects of my life from management consulting to yoga to the environment. It’s the Heart of the Matter in all my conversations and a Guide and a Reminder and a Path.

As an Organization Development consultant, I work with my clients to align and integrate the people, processes and strategic directions of an organization-for the health of the organization and the well-being of its employees. I work in collaboration with other organization development, facilitators and training specialists to meet your specific and customized needs. We train and coach organizations in the dynamics of complex systems and in the skills, tools and strategies for creating and sustaining a vital and balanced workplace.

The mission of Healthy Systems is to facilitate an integrated, active understanding of health that can be applied to the natural environment, communities, organizations, as well as the well being of individuals.

To accomplish our mission we
• Focus on the underlying principles of whole systems of health
• Translate these health principles into accessible language and actionable tools for the workplace.
• Share organizational frameworks that honor and support the link between business and personal results.
• Support individual responsibility and access by connecting people with locally available information and resources.

We define health as the experience of wholeness and freedom. We draw from several traditions to shed light on what health is for individuals, teams and organizations. The translation of principles from diverse fields into accessible language helps us to see to the heart of what it means for individuals and organizations to be healthy.

Our audience includes
• Business leaders who understand and value the relationship between individual wellness and organizational vitality
• Work teams challenged to initiate change in their area and then integrate it beyond their boundaries
• Individuals who are interested in taking responsibility for their health and who want support and options
• Professionals who share a systemic, holistic view of organization development and/or individual growth.

Sara Grigsby is the founder of Healthy Systems.

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