Individual Development

Individual Development

Inner Work- Outer Work – an inseparable cycle like our breath –  Inhaling and Exhaling. We turn our attention inside and reflect on who we are. We interact with the world around us and have experiences. We absorb those experiences and gain insights into ourselves. If we choose it, this inner and outer cycle lasts a lifetime, and becomes a virtuous cycle of learning.

So why make this choice? What does it matter? What are we after? What do we de-sire and want? Who do we think we are? And why?

Two phrases or mantras ring in my head and heart, and come from my meditation teacher. “We are in this world to grow. ” and “(as David Copperfield asked) Will I be the hero of my own life?”

2 Areas of Focus/Content/Learning

Nourishing and strengthening our inner heart and health we call Core Learning  and developing the expression of that learning in matters that matter in our environment we call Leadership Development.

Core Learning Core Learning is about individual practice. It’s about cultivating inner awareness. Simply put, and to quote Swami Chetanananda, we are releasing tension and allowing our creative energy to flow.

Leadership Development Leadership skills are called on for in every aspect of our lives. Leading teams, events, organizations, communities and most importantly, leading ourselves. Leading doesn’t mean having power over others. Leadership skills can be inclusive and facilitative. Healthy leadership cultivates influence and generates motivation and engenders commitment in others.

Find & Rest in the Truth. The Truth has your back. THE Truth, not your conditioned tendencies, biases, assumptions & misperceptions.