Organization Development

Organization Development

Organization development, at its heart, is concerned with growth and improvement in our work, the quality of our products and services, and the integrity of an entity, be it private or public sector, for-profit or not. This work may be expressed as change initiatives, organizational re-design, projects or initiatives, or as daily process and cultural practices. The goal of organization development is a re-vitalized, re-integrated and aligned organization, centered on its mission and moving in a desired direction.


Areas of Focus/Content/Learning

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Meeting Management and Event Planning Productive, effective, satisfying meetings and well-planned events are units of change. Two or more people coming together for a purpose. That purpose resides in a larger context of an organization’s desired direction. Learn more about the technology of Meetings that Work and how we can help.

Artful Facilitation and Teamwork Productive, effective, satisfying meetings and events are organized and executed by skilled facilitators working with others. These are learned and practiced skills. Dive into the Art of Facilitation and build your expertise in teamwork.