Core Learning & Yoga Practice

Core Learning & Yoga Practice

A Community of Caring. A Depth of Commitment.

Health IS. Health comes from an old English word “hal”, meaning whole, and so “health” in this sense is not a quantity that one person has and another lacks. Health IS. The heart of yoga and somatic practices is to release tension in the form of mental, emotional, or physical trauma or patterns and allow your creative energy to flow – to allow wholeness to express itself as ease, peace and connectedness physically, relationally and spiritually.

Core Learning is the name we give to a body of practice and fields of exploration that bring us closer to our essential nature — practices of healing, health and well being. The goal of these practices is to support the growth and fulfillment of individuals and communities by becoming more aware/conscious, releasing the tensions that limit us and facilitating the flow of creative energy.

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Unifying Philosophy and Practice

The philosophical underpinning of Core Learning is non-dualistic, systemic and holistic – everything is connected and is essentially of the same stuff. All the modes of study are unified in practices that derive from non-dual traditions — yoga, art therapy, holistic health, system dynamics, somatic practices and meditation.

Our audiences include:

  • Individuals interested in and committed to their own development
  • Health Professionals in associated fields of study in health and healing
  • Teachers and Educators who understand the interrelationship of an individual’s state of being with their preparedness for learning
  • Business Professionals and their Organizations that recognize and embrace core learning and practice as a requisite skill for successful leadership and management

The primary modalities of study are:

  • Art
  • Nature
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Movement
  • Animals