Participating Artists

Participating Artists

2019 East Wind Art Show
Sunday, August 4, Noon to 6:00 PM
Corbett, Oregon
Hold the date and plan to attend!
Kindly RSVP by July 27 by using the form.

Exit 22 Artists for 2019 – An exciting line up of talent from our community and environs

Jerry Mishler

Open roads & historical byways, geography & maps, the comfort of friends, beauty and freedom – my inspiration. Generally, I work from photographs and, more recently, plein air paintings, produced on my road trips and hikes.  I do my drawings on Sunday afternoons to the sounds of American Routes. Although they are finished pieces unto themselves, my drawings are working sketches and studies for my studio paintings.

Susan St. Clair Bennett

Susan St.Clair Bennett  enjoys exploring the myriad expressions of Spirit through Matter. Her paintings emerge from the synergies found between the Dream World and Waking Life, the Conscious and Subconscious, Symbol and Appearances. Her work is informed and inspired  by Old Master Painting ,Haitian art, and  currently the writings of David Hinton, Momaday and Layli Longsoldier. She also restores Ancient Tibetan Paintings and has a Plant Spirt Medicine practice.

Joe Schneider

Joseph Schneider’s assemblage sculptures, paintings, and collages contain found objects intricately joined together evoking themes of childhood, spirituality, time, and space.  His works celebrate pattern, language, and the feeling of wonder in everyday life.

Joe Coppoletta

Joe began his professional life first in still photography, then as a news videographer. From there he began shooting and directing international films and network TV series. Between directing assignments, he began painting for relaxation in what may be called a Jackson Pollack style.

Fritz Mitas

Fritz Mitas lives in the Sandy River Gorge near Troutdale, Oregon.   He has been designing and building furniture and cabinets for 30 years. He lives and works on 20 acres where he built a home utilizing maple, fir and alder from the property in cabinets and other architectural details.  He is currently focusing  on cultivating and utilizing wood grown and milled on his property.

Laura Santi

When I create I have a goal – to feel love, and the beauty and whimsey of my heart, and to share that healing force with everyone who sees my work. I have pursued other paths to further my ability to feel, see and understand energy flow and how that relates to health, beauty, and happiness, trying to place that finger on the finite within the infinite. I practiced acupuncture for 23 years and returned to the arts in 2001, writing, and painting Buddhist thankga and Hindu deities.

Jon Wagner

I’m a science illustrator, cartoonist, doodler and animator. My favorite thing is ink and watercolor in a sketchpad or drawing with whatever is around.

Susan Sumimoto

My work attempts to shape a personal identity through a visual chronicle of my family’s immigration from Japan to Hawaii over one hundred years ago. This examination of my ancestors’ experience connects me to the larger universal context of all immigrants to a new land. Personal identities are suppressed, cultural connections are fractured and the immigrant soul finds itself afloat, neither here nor there. 

Sara Grigsby

Sara is a holistic expressionist and an artist at heart if not in full-time practice. She majored in art way back when and loves the mediums and techniques of graphite, batik and silk screen. Visual representation and communication plays a part in her professional role as a facilitator and meeting manager. Aside from the visual arts, Sara loves the art of having her hands in the dirty, nursing plants, harvest and food processing.

Robert Grott

Like many, Robert started writing poetry in high school, but he never stopped. “Believing that nothing about me or my experiences is terribly unique, I write small and simple stories that perhaps may trigger shared perceptions and emotions, conscious or otherwise, in the minds of those who may read them, or have the chance to listen. As to my style, it is intentionally lean and accessible, and as a reader aptly put it: a delicious balance of profundity and whimsy.”

Apricot Irving

Apricot Irving is the author of The Gospel of Trees, a lyrical meditation on ecology, loss, and the tangled history of missions in Haiti, winner of theSarah Winnemucca Award for Creative Nonfiction. Her writing has appeared in GrantaOn BeingTopic Magazine, Tin HouseOregon Humanities, as well as the anthologies Best Women’s Travel Writing and Best American Science & Nature Writing. She is the recipient of a Literary Arts Creative Nonfiction Fellowship and a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award. Raised a missionary’s daughter in Haiti, she has also waited tables, dug trees in the rain, and taught literature and writing to students in Indonesia, Shanghai, Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S..

Robyn Steely

Robyn’s writing has appeared in countless notebooks, moleskine journals, and on post-it notes and scraps of paper throughout her house, as well asFront Porch Journaland Culinate. Her poem, Still Life With Cigarette, was named as an Editors Prize Commended Poem inMagma Journal’s2019 Competition.  Robyn is a trainer and facilitator, and she has led writing workshops for men who are incarcerated, veterans, real estate agents, teachers, people in recovery, social justice activists, and many others. She holds a degree in African-American Studies with a minor in Art History from Washington University in St. Louis. A Midwesterner by birth and at heart, she writes, runs, reads, and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Richard Meadows

Caroline Oakley

Caroline Oakley is a musician, dance caller, and community organizer who has been teaching and calling old-time community square dances for over a decade.  She calls regularly at many of the West-Coast’s premier old-time and bluegrass music festivals.   Additionally, she enjoys fiddling, playing guitar, and singing old country songs.  Caroline lives in the town of Corbett, Oregon.

Lindsey George

Just playing for fun
Recreational Harper
Enjoys all the strings

Mike Pardew

Guitarist Mike Pardew began his performance career in 1993. Before graduating from high school in 1998, he had performed throughout Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and California with many blues bands. 
Mike also toured and recorded with the award- winning Eleven Eyes between 2002 – 2009, performing extensively throughout the Western United States including Bite of Seattle, John’s Alley, Gene Harris Jazz Festival, Jazz at Newport, Jimmy Mak’s, and Oregon Country Fair. 
Mike has served as guitarist and music director on over 1500 performances for several Portland-area jazz ensembles since 2007, composing and arranging the music. 
Currently Mike is producing two recordings to be released in early 2020. 

Michelle Gregory
The Worthy Jacob Farm

Michelle’s fiber artistry is an outgrowth of her commitment to sustainable communities, happy creatures and local family farms. Her flock of Jacob Sheep, raised and grazed in Corbett, are the primary source of inspiration, challenge and material. 

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